Advanced Search


The advanced search will be visible as a link beneath the basic search box in the header across all products. 

Screenshot of the basic search bar at the top of the resource, with an annotation highlighting the link to the advanced search.

Advanced search allows date ranges and other filters specific to the product to be applied to a word, phrase or series of search terms as part of the search.


Search for several keywords or phrases using the AND, OR and NOT Boolean operators.

Screenshot of the advanced search page, with annotations highlighting the drop-down selection boxes for Boolean operators, the right-hand menu of previous searches, and the link to clear search criteria at the bottom of the page.

You can refine your search by a single date or a date range. You can also refine your search by additional filters. These may be different across products. The number of available selections for each filter option is visible on the right, beside the drop-down arrows. Click on a filter and use the tick boxes to select one or more options. The selected criteria are displayed in the search criteria box at the bottom of the page ready for the search to be run. Click the 'Search' button to run, or the 'Clear form' button to clear all search criteria and begin a new search.


Searches run during the current session are displayed on the right in the 'Previous searches' box and act as an entry point to viewing those results again.


After running your search, results will be returned in a documents list. Search criteria is displayed at the top of the page in the search criteria box, and from here the current search can also be saved to My Account.

Screenshot highlighting the button to 'Save search' from the documents list.