My Account   


Use My Account to save documents, images and searches from across Adam Matthew products in one location. 


Click on the 'My Account' icon My Account icon in the banner to register or log in. Here, you can register for free, or sign in using your registered email and password details.


If you are new to My Account, complete the online registration form. Once completed, you will receive an activation email with a link. Click the link to activate your account.

Details, including your password, can be changed at any time in 'My Profile' accessed from the My Account area.


My Bookmarks


Any saved documents or images can be found in 'My Bookmarks'. Use this to store any documents or images that you would like to refer to later.


To bookmark a document, click on the 'Bookmark' icon Bookmark icon from the documents list, or click the 'Bookmark document' button underneath the image viewer. 

Screenshot of the image viewer, with an annotation highlighting the buttons to bookmark document or bookmark image.

Once a document has been bookmarked the icon will turn black and a confirmation notification will appear in the header.


You can bookmark entire documents or select images from within a document using the 'Bookmark image' button found under the image viewer.


From 'My Bookmarks', you can filter by 'Complete documents', 'Items from documents' or from the source websites using the appropriate filter options.

Screenshot of the 'My Bookmarks' page, with filter options and 'Sort by' menu highlighted.

The view options at the top of the page can be used to sort the items in 'My Bookmarks' or to change the number of documents displayed per page.


My Saved Searches


Any search within an Adam Matthew product can be added to My Account by clicking 'Save Search’ from the top right of any search results list, in the search criteria box. 

Screenshot of the link to 'Save search', located in the 'Current search criteria' box.

Saved Searches can be filtered by source website from the 'Filter results' menu on the left.Screenshot of 'My Saved Searches' in My Account, with an annotation highlighting the 'Filter results' menu.