Using Audio and Video


Oral histories, film and other types of audio and video content can be accessed from the document list within a product. Click the title or video thumbnail in the document list to watch or listen to the content.


Each audio or video includes:

  • The audio-visual player
  • Summary metadata tab (located beside the audio-visual player)
  • Searchable transcript with timelinks (located beside the audio-visual player)
  • Document details (beneath the audio-visual player)


Screenshot of a site navigation bar, with the 'Research Tools' menu highlighted.


Video essays discussing research topics can be accessed from the 'Research Tools' menu in the navigation bar in the header in each product.


Please note: Not all products contain video and audio content.



Using the Audio-visual Player


Click the 'Play Video' icon in the middle of the audio-visual player to start playing the content.


Screenshot of the audio-visual player


The arrows at the bottom right of the player expand or reduce the size of the audio-visual player through options to toggle to full width or half width.



Screenshot including the arrows at the bottom of the audio-visual player


Click on the 'Download' button below the audio-visual player to download the transcript and associated metadata.


Screenshot of the 'Download' button, located below the audio-visual player, and above the document details.



Transcript & Metadata


The Summary tab in the right-hand pane beside the audio-visual player lists key information, including the title and key topics. Any term contained within a rounded grey box acts as a filter, providing an easy way to find similar material. Click the term to open a list of all documents containing that term in the metadata field.


Screenshot of the Summary tab in the right-hand pane beside the audio-visual player. Key Topics filters, shown in this pane, can be clicked to generate a list of all documents containing that term in the metadata field.



The Transcript tab can also be found to the right of the audio-visual player. Click the tab to view a transcript of the audio or video content.



Screenshot of the transcript tab



The ‘Auto Scroll’ function automatically scrolls the transcript text with the video or audio content as it plays. To turn this function off, click the 'Auto Scroll' tick box at the top of the transcript.



Screenshot demonstrating the autoscroll function


Click on a timestamp within the transcript to jump to that section of the video or audio content. 


Screenshot of the timestamps in transcripts


Use the scroll bar within the transcript tab to read the transcript independently of the audio or video content.


The Document Details section below the audio-visual player lists the full metadata associated with the content, including a brief description, and copyright information.