Search Directories


Search directories allow users to see a list of key topics, all in one place. These topics are tailored to each product and decided in agreement with editorial board members, which means that each search directory will have a different list of key metadata. Any document tagged with the selected search term will be listed, aiding navigation of the documents and allowing for an exploration of key research areas. 


Screenshot of the 'Filter by Key Topics' page, with an annotation highlighting the 'plus' button, which brings up a full list of key terms.

Click on the 'plus' button beside each category to open a list of all the key terms available, presented in alphabetical order. Tick all the topics in which you have an interest, or begin typing in the text bar to find a topic in the list.

Screenshot of the key terms list.Screenshot of the key terms search function.



















Once selection is complete, close the list using the cross at the top right; the number of results is displayed in the main window. Click 'search' to display your results, or 'clear' to start a new search.

Screenshot of the selected key terms, with an annotation highlighting buttons to 'search' or 'clear'.


It's possible to save searches in order to revisit these later. For more information, visit My Account.