Basic Keyword Search


The basic search box can be found in the header, look for the magnifying glass icon with the rollover text 'Apply search'. Use the basic search to perform a site-wide keyword search across all documents contained in the product. Results are displayed as a list. 


Search box


A basic keyword search looks at all document metadata, including bibliographic details, image metadata (where available), the full text of printed material and media transcripts (where available) to return relevant results. Boolean search terms are available through an Advanced Search.


AM Explorer allows for cross-searching across Adam Matthew products. If your organisation has access to AM Explorer, this will flag any hits related to your search term, allowing for discoverability across multiple products from a single point of access. More information on AM Explorer is available here.



Using Filters 


If there are too many results, it is likely that the search term is too broad. Applying filters is a quick and easy way to further refine results to a specific date range or topic of interest. Filters vary across products, but often include: 


  • Date range – To display documents from a specific period, input a year, specific date or a range of dates and click ‘Apply’. This narrows the focus of any search term or phrase. 


  • Document filters – Filters can be used to navigate to documents relating to key research areas of interest. These are created in collaboration with academic editorial board partners and tailored to each product to optimise discoverability. This means that filter options vary depending on the filters assigned to each product, but can include ‘Document Type’, ‘Theme’, ‘Library/Archive’ etc. Click each filter menu to open or close the filters and select any required options.  Click ‘Apply’ to refresh the results.


  • Search type – By default, a site-wide search returns options with the desired term or phrase in one list. This includes documents with that term or phrase in the metadata and/or in any printed text or media transcript. Use the search type filter to refine results further, displaying a list of documents containing the term or phrase only in the metadata or only in the printed text or transcripts. Click ‘Apply’ to refresh the results. Please note: Search type filter is not always relevant for products, so may not always be available. 


For more information on saving searches, visit the My Account page.